What's up with commercial support of CME

That's what the recent issue of Pharma Marketing News (link to pdf download) explores. While it doesn't come up with a whole lot of new answers—I think we're all waiting for the latest ACCME data report—it does have this to say:

    Although the total amount of pharma spending on CME increased in 2004 as compared to 2003, the percentage of CME income attributable to pharma has decreased and shifted away from MECCs to schools of medicine. The2005 ACCME data—due to be released soon—is expected to reveal that the absolute dollar amount of pharma CME dollars has decreased somewhat.

Well, let's wait and see. From what I hear, some CME providers are doing better than ever with commercial support, while others are struggling, so I guess your perception of how the market is doing really is what counts. Still, I'll be curious to see what shakes out in the ACCME data.

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