What we want in continuing education

Michele Wierzgac posted some interesting questions on the MIMlist listserv yesterday about what planners want in their own adult ed. Here's what I'd like to see:

Sessions that explain specific adult education theories and research in depth, then show (not tell) how they can be applied to participants' programs. Ideal would be if the facilitator contacted participants ahead of time to learn their specific challenges, tailored the session to theories/research that addressed those challenges, then had participants brainstorm in small groups on how to apply them, preferably with a knowledgeable facilitator in each small group to help them along who also would make him/herself available to that group after the session for additional coaching (or, more realistically, have the facilitator check in regularly with each small group at the session and afterward).

Then a followup community of interest, probably online, where people can share success stories, further challenges and roadblocks, strategies, etc.

That would be way cool. Expensive, but the learning experience would be phenomenal.

What would float your boat, education-wise?

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