What travelers want these days

According to the results of the latest TripAdvisor annual travel trends survey of 4,000 travelers around the world, your attendees may be into some things you didn’t know about. While 47 percent said they intend to visit a spa this year, that’s down from the 55 percent who said the same last year. That may be because they’re getting germaphobic: almost a quarter of those surveyed said they wouldn’t leave home without disinfectant/cleaning supplies, shower shoes, their own pillow, their own sheets/pillowcase, or their own towels (OK, I'm guilty of bringing my own pillow, but not out of germ fears. I just love my own pillow). But the germophobes who bring their own are balanced out by the 20 percent who said they took towels, bathrobes, and other hotel paraphernalia. And I thought this bit was interesting:

    Twenty-eight percent of travelers said their worst experience in a hotel room was a dirty bathroom, and 75 percent of travelers think that a clean restroom is what makes an airport great. Eight percent of travelers have actually showered in an airport restroom.

Showered in an airport potty? The mind boggles. Then there are the scary stats, like the 4 percent who've been bitten by bedbugs, the 26 percent who like to dress provocatively while away from home, and the 4 percent who said they did illegal things they wouldn't do at home (like stealing hotel towels, perhaps?).

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