What Strange Path Led You to the Meetings and Hospitality Business?

I just ran across a fun little item on Hotel Online about odd ways some people in hospitality got into the business, like how the Beverly Hills Hotel's Polo Lounge Manager Pepe de Anda started out as a professional soccer player in Mexico before getting sidelined by a knee injury and, through luck and rehab, hooked up with a friend who got him into the hotel. A lot of them are more interesting sidelines, like the chef who does ice-sculpting in his spare time, but still, a pretty interesting little read.

As for me, I had been editing environmental chemistry magazines (I know, right?) for a long time when I heard about this job from my neighbor across the street. He knew someone who worked at MeetingsNet, and she had just told him they were looking for someone. I got lucky and got the job! Not to knock the chemists, but you guys are a whole lot more fun to write about. My strangest hobby most likely is canine freestyle (aka, dancing with my dog), though I haven't done much of it with my latest pup.

So, how'd you get into the business? What do you do off the job that would surprise people who only know you professionally?

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