What not to do

A guest blog from Laurie-Shawn Borzovoy, executive

creative director for meetings and events at Maritz Canada in


Top 5 Mistakes Made in Meeting & Event Planning:

--The conventional approach to staging that places the audience in

rigid rows facing forward toward leadership is alienating, mind

numbing, and supports the old-school style of business -- "there's us

and them."

--Performances that offer packaged glitz and glamour, lacking

authentic personalized interaction, miss critical opportunities to

meet the most important objectives.

--Celebrities that are not personally aligned with the experience or

promise of your brand are better left to television, where they are

much less expensive to enjoy.

--Believing that your meeting or event is a moment in time unto

itself, ending with the departure of your attendees, assures that you

will not effectively leverage the larger investment made within your

communications plans.

--If a theme for your event does not ask to be extended beyond the

event, you are paying too much for it.

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