What needs to be said right now

We just received this note from Bob Orsetti, one of Medical Meetings columnists, and assistant vice president, CME, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. He said it would be OK to share it here—he sums up much of what I'm feeling right now:

    In the aftermath of hurricane Katrina ripping through the gulf states of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama it is fitting to pause in discussion and debate about CME policy and procedures for those issues are truly secondary by comparison to the unfathomable destruction, disruption and displacement caused by the storm. Instead, let‘s give some thought to those of our CME colleagues and others in the ravished regions that have suffered immeasurably. It is hoped that CME professionals nationwide will find ways to bring comfort and aid to those in need be it through a prayer, a conversation, or direct assistance. Bob Orsetti, UMDNJ-CCOE
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