What makes your brand memorable?

I admit that I've received some strange things from CVBs, hotel chains, and other industry suppliers, but live snakes, rubber-scented candles, and umbrellas with holes in them? Not yet, thankfully! But according to Promo magazine, these are among the "most distinctive" premiums companies are sending out these days. From the Promo article on a survey conducted by The Creative Group:

    Often, companies try to reach potential customers with rather unique gifts and premiums to boost awareness and instill a lasting memory about its brand.

    "Typically [those gifts] are delivering some sort of message," said Carolyn Dacey, division director, The Creative Group, Paramus, NJ. "At the end of the day, it's got your brand on it and is getting your name front of [mind]."

    For example, a rock could mean the gift-giver is a rock-solid company, Dacey said. A rubber-scented candle means the company will "burn rubber or move quickly for you," she said. "It makes you think."

But for some reason, respondents said that toy outhouses, bricks, plastic cockroaches, pigeons, chicken wishbone paperweights, lab coats, and miniature airlines seats weren't as good as live snakes. Go figure.

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