What ll the FDA do next?

According to a press release from Biomedical Market Newsletter, the Food and Drug Administration is planning to:

    & revisit controversies surrounding the promotion and marketing of medical products, plus promotional claims made in advertisements and at trade show exhibitions. Journal ads and fliers may be targeted next. Medical product manufacturers can expect to witness a beefed-up presence of FDA and/or other government officials, collecting possible evidence of alleged violations. These may include such "no-no s" as promoting unapproved claims, or unclear language that describes the current status of unapproved products.

While this should make exhibitors and other suppliers increase their scrutiny of their practices at shows, it also means that show organizers who aren t responsible for the FDA compliance or lack thereof of their exhibitors/sponsors may have more FDA officials on their show floors. Even if it s not the show organizer s responsibility, it still doesn t look so hot when there s a writeup about FDA violations that occurred on your conference's show floor in the Wall Street Journal.

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