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What do your event t-shirts say about you?

If you hand out event-logo'd t-shirts to attendees, read this before you order. Kathy Sierra shows, with photos, two t-shirts from tech events: One is a big old baggy thing with the usual logo on the chest. The other is fitted and, well, kind of pretty. If you were a woman attendee, which would make you feel the organizers cared about you? I'm a fan of big old baggy things myself, but I get her point:

    I've paid more than $10,000 of my own money, just for the attendance fee...You'd think--just once--they'd take part of the $2000 entrance fee and spend, oh, .1% extra to print up some shirts that sub-6-foot folks can wear. And it's not just Sun's JavaOne show, of course--practically every tech company out there is guilty.

Being inclusive means more than being ADA-compliant and having a veggie alternative at the banquet. It shows in everything, even down to a t-shirt. Something to think about.

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