What do you think of the ASAE show blog?

I asked the MIMlist listserv what they thought about the XtremeASAE blog, which ASAE and the Center are hosting in conjunction with this year's conference in Nashville. So far, responses have mostly been tepid at best, with lots of "ho hum"s and "too promotional"s.

Consensus is that it needs to be more provocative and ask much more interesting questions to really get people engaged. Personally, I'd like to hear a little behind-the-scenes stuff—how are they handling last-minute glitches, what planning tips do they have to share that they're learning as they go, that type of thing. Maybe even (gasp!) ask for advice on something to do with the annual meeting as the dates grow close.

I'm checking it out daily (plus I want to comment a lot so I can win an iPod ;0), but I have to agree that it's not cutting it yet overall, though some posts are pretty good. Still, as one person said:

    Engaging membership is a problem that all associations have and it appears to me with this blog that ASAE is taking the lead and setting an example that other associations can follow! If it doesn't work they can point at it and say "It is ASAE's job to be a leader and experimenter for the benefit of other associations."

    Above all the blog has to be honest to work and the only way that is going to happen in an association is if it has the good and the bad, a place to applaud and a place to bitch and above all an open forum for common problems. If it works they need to extend it beyond the annual meeting.

    It will sure be interesting to see what happens.

My sentiments exactly. I hope it really heats up once the conference starts, with some meaty posts, pictures, and the low-down on what's happening. I applaud them for trying, and for being brave enough to leave it mainly in the hands of volunteers—that has to be scary for an association. But associations can't rest on their laurels anymore; they have to get out there and take some risks if they want to stay alive in this increasingly competitive world.

Update: After reading Kevin's comment (click "comments" below), I realize that I forgot the whole point of this post, which is—what would make it compelling to you before the fact, during the conference, and after? I know what I'd like, but who cares. It's all about what would make it relevant and exciting for you. Please leave suggestions in the comments below, or e-mail me.

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