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Westin Casuarina relents, refunds attendee charges

Remember that story I posted about a few days ago about the Westin Casuarina charging attendees when the host of a meeting held last fall didn't pay up? Well, it looks like they're doing the right thing and refunding the charges to attendees' credit cards.

Here's a great quote from the meeting organizer, the Coaching Center:

    Suzanne Black, owner and president of the Coaching Center, said the hotel's actions damaged the center's reputation and its relationship with clients.

    "They should have never done this," Black said. "This was damaging to them and it's damaging to people's experience of Las Vegas, and it may potentially hurt our reputation."

Ya think? Actually, I hate to break it to her, but the Center damaged its own rep first by not paying up. The hotel just exacerbated an already bad situation, IMHO.

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