This week's challenge

This week's challenge, sent in by a reader:

My company is currently planning a speaker training for a cadre of previously un-utilized faculty who will speak for a CME series. During the 2-day training, experts will present the data from 4 core slide modules and on Day 2, we will have presentations from the patients perspective and a facilitation skills breakout session. Our intention is to offer a modest honoraria to participants, but the question has been raised about whether or not they may also receive CME credits for attending. The individual activites from the series will of course be accredited both for category 1 AMA PRA and ANCC and I know we can give the speakers credit at that time, but wasn't sure about how this would apply to a speakers' training session. I seem to recall that you can only offer one or the other (honoraria or credit), but not both together. If this in fact the case, could we potentially offer the honoraria for day 1 and credits for day 2? Any assistance you can provide would be most appreciated.
If you have any help, advice, or ideas for this person, please leave a comment in the "comments" section below, or e-mail me and I'll pass your ideas along. Thanks in advance for your help!
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