Web conferencing and The Apprentice

It's funny how often meeting and event planning are showing up in Donald Trump's TV show The Apprentice. Next up is an episode that features Microsoft's Live Meeting Web conferencing software. From the promo site:

    Considered more closely, the product choice isn't much of a surprise. It actually appears to be part of a broader promotional arrangement. The Live Meeting service, which came from Microsoft's 2003 acquisition of PlaceWare, already has a number of marketing ties to the "Apprentice" show. Executive producer Mark Burnett and past contestants took part in a related Microsoft product launch earlier this year. And the Live Meeting group has been promoting the service with virtual conferences after each episode featuring the person who was fired the previous night. (Link via Gretchen Ledgard.)

I haven't been watching it much this season, but I might have to check next week's show out to see what they do with it—could be interesting.

(Thanks to Stephanie Downs at the ConferBlog for the pointer.)

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