Want to get involved?

There were a couple of calls for involvement at the SACME fall meeting this year.

One came from Mark Cheren, Cheren Consulting, Ohio. He wants to survey CME providers to find out what stops them from doing outcomes work on the CME activities, in hopes that finding out what the barriers are will allow the next step, which is finding ways to get over, around, and through them to better CME. He s looking for people who either are involved in large, multi-intervention, evidence-based, outcomes-oriented projects, or those who would like to be, to find ways to encourage and support work of this kind.

The second was from Michael Fordis, Jack Kues, and Nancy Davis on behalf of MedBiquitous, a consortium founded by John Hopkins and various medical societies to create a technical blueprint for online medical education. We re not talking about content, but rather to develop the XML standards online CME providers can use so they don t have to reinvent the wheel with each new core component they come up with for their activities. If this is your thing, get in touch with MedBiquitous for more information (link above).

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