With walls of water...

With walls of water...

Leave it to the geniuses at MIT to come up with this one: A building made with digital walls of water. From the MIT release:

    Imagine a building made of water. It features liquid curtains for walls - curtains that not only can be programmed to display images or messages but can also sense an approaching object and automatically part to let it through.

    MIT architects and engineers have designed such a building, and it will be unveiled at next year's international exhibition in Spain. The "digital water pavilion" - an interactive structure made of digitally controlled water curtains - will be located at the entrance to Expo Zaragoza 2008, in front of a new bridge designed by Zaha Hadid. The structure will contain an exhibition area, a cafe and various public spaces.

Click for a video of how it will work.

I have conference envy! I'm sure there will be many wonders to behold on the tradeshow floor at ASAE and the Center's annual meeting next month, but somehow, I doubt we'll see anything quite this cool. Have to wait for the technology to trickle down (heh heh) to meeting

suppliers, I guess.

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