Viva Las Vegas

I just checked into the glorious Bellagio hotel for a conference, and even in my travel-bleary state, I think I'm going to have a good couple of days here. It was funny: On the shuttle ride to the hotel, we drove through all those back alleys you usually don't see. On the backside of Ballys, I saw something I thought was pretty cool—the employees' entrance has a marquis-type lighted sign over it, saying something like, "The best, nicest employees in Las Vegas enter here." I don't know if it really does much for morale, but it gave me a warm fuzzy.

Another quick note: I hadn't realized that this town is the place to go for bachelor parties (though I guess it's kind of obvious if you think about it). I was surrounded on the plane by a group heading out for a five-day bash, and a guy from the U.K. on the shuttle was talking about how a his friend's stag party was held here. He said a group of 20 or so flew all the way from England and Ireland for the three-day party.

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