Virtually attending EventCamp Twin Cities (#ECTC11)

I've managed to be either at an event or on vacation for the previous EventCamps, but this time around I was determined not to miss it, at least virtually. It's a busy time for the magazine so I'll likely have to drop in and out, but I am so looking forward to virtually attending EventCamp Twin Cities (it's not too late to sign up if you want to join me).

One very cool thing so far is that the organizers mailed me something called a Learning Journal, which in addition to listing the program includes a My "Big Ideas" page where I'm to write down ideas I'd like to try at my next event. There's also going to be an EventCamp Challenge (I'm on the Omnipress pod).

Here's the theme song—love it!


If you want to follow along on Twitter, use the #ECTC11 hashtag, or follow @eventcamptc, where (according to the Tweetosphere) Mitchell Beer is tweeting his little heart out as of now.

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