Virtualis' growth spurt

It's easy to forget what's going on in the virtual world of Second Life when there's so much going on here in 3D-land, but according to a press release I got earlier, the place is rocking. Specifically, Virtualis, already the largest convention center in Second Life, is seeing so much demand that it is expanding beyond its already lavish educational breakout rooms, grand ballroom, and exhibition hall to include "an arena with a center stage allowing each attendee to hear live presentations with colleagues and/or peers all in real-time. From each of the quadrants of the arena design are four additional breakout rooms where virtual attendees walk through glass tunnels to go to their respective smaller sessions. Additional space is available if the agenda has need within the vast space offered at Virtualis™."

I wish I was going to Meeting Professionals International's MeetDifferent conference next week (even though I really do not like the new name of the meeting!) so I could hear from Virtualis' creator and grand poobah Dan Parks, also of Corporate Planners Unlimited, unveil all the changes. Then again, I'll be on vacation, sailing in the Grenadines next week, so I guess that's some compensation for having to miss it.

If you're curious about what a meeting there would look like, check out this video of a meeting Trend Micro held at Virtualis not long ago. Very cool!

I'm also betting that Dan would be more than happy to show anyone around and explain all the new bells, whistles, and spaces, so if you're interested in learning more, feel free to drop him an e-mail or give him a call at (800) 493-2545 Ext. 201. Don't forget to ask him to show you our press office there while you're at it. I need to spend more time over there...

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