Virtual convention center

Virtual convention center

While some cities are pulling back on their convention center expansion plans, Corporate Planners Unlimited has no such qualms—at least not in cyberspace.

Dan Parks and Joan Eisenstodt breaking virtual ground

Pictured: Dan Parks and Joan Eisenstodt breaking virtual ground

In January Dan Parks of Corporate Planners Unlimited will launch the Virtualis Convention Center in the online world Second Life. (This is in addition to the MeCo mansion, a Second Life gathering place Parks helped to launch for the MeCo listserv that has so many interesting nooks, crannies, and meetings-related information that it's worth saddling up your avatar and taking a gander around.) From the press release:

    Virtualis is the largest public convention center in Second Life and boasts state-of-the art virtual facilities with educational breakout rooms, a grand ballroom, exhibition hall and the Eisenstodt Learning and Community Matters Center...

    [Virtualis creator Dan Parks, CPU President/Creative Director, says,] "When our society is full of security and cost issues in the world of travel, this is the optimum time to expand into the safe and exciting new world of Virtualis. Virtual technology is not new to our younger generation and the transition of learning modules into the Second Life setting will be natural and expected."

Click here for the specs, and more about the center. Sounds very cool to me!

P.S. This post has been updated: Shame on me for not paying closer attention when I read the release. I initially thought this was another MeCo endeavor a la the Mansion, but it's Dan and his company flying solo on this one. The energy this guy is putting into Second Life just amazes me.

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