Verispan study on pharma effectiveness

From a press release:

    YARDLEY, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 16, 2004--Pharmaceutical meetings and events have become an integral component of the industry's promotional efforts used to gain face time with physicians. According to Verispan's Sales Force Effectiveness 2004: The Physician Perspective, 63% of physicians surveyed considered rep-arranged meetings and events to be more or much more effective than a traditional detail. Only 12% characterized events as less or much less effective.

    This biennial study surveyed over 4,600 physicians in 16 specialties about the overall quality of their interactions with sales reps. In addition, the 2004 study sought physician opinions on the effectiveness of meetings and events in comparison to traditional detailing.

    Educational seminars were considered the most effective tactic utilized by sales reps. Physicians in the West were most likely to think meetings and events were much more effective than traditional detailing (23%), while those from the North were the least likely at 16%. Physicians ranked Pfizer, Merck and GlaxoSmithKline as having the three most effective pharmaceutical sales forces in regards to conducting meeting and events.

    According to OB/GYNs surveyed, 47% considered rep-arranged meetings and events to be more effective than traditional detailing, while 16% considered events much more effective. OB/GYNs rated luncheon meetings, educational seminars and dinner meetings as the three most effective tactics employed by sales reps.

    OB/GYNs say Johnson & Johnson's sales reps, who ranked third in 2002, conduct the most effective meetings and events. Wyeth fell from a number one ranking in 2002 to number two in this tactic. Berlex experienced the greatest improvement, jumping from seventh in 2002 to third, rounding out the top three.

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