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The Venetian's just ducky for these visitors

Sounds like a family of ducks has taken up residence in the Venetian's waterways in Las Vegas, after fleeing The Mirage for some unknown duckly reason (link to story). The Venetian's singing gondoliers have been feeding the ducks, but now they've been ordered to stop. This is dire news for the ducklings, who, being too young to fly, can't escape the concrete enclosure to forage more naturally. Employees are protesting the decision. But, as Read Scot, vice president of entertainment for Best Agency that supplies the gondoliers, says in the article: "'This is a fantasy experience,' Scot said. 'We want to leave people with a pleasant memory, not remembering duck poop.'"

Just had to share. (Thanks to the MIMlist for pointing out this important article.)

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