Vegas not worried about terrorists

Terrorists may be casing the casinos, but Las Vegas officials say not to worry. Though terrorist videos found in cells in Detroit and Spain include top Vegas draws like Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, Excalibur, and New York-New York, the city's mayor is quoted as saying the tapes contain "'nothing that would suggest any kind of surveillance' of Las Vegas resorts. Rather, he contended, the footage of the resorts resemble typical tourist videos."

It's not like we all didn't know Vegas was a potential target all along. And somehow, seven-year-old videos of the Strip don't make me break out in a cold sweat, either. More frightening to me is the allegation that city officials, hotels, and casinos didn't want to see the tapes two years ago "so they would not feel forced to inform the public and thus possibly scare away tourists," allegations which, according to the Meeting News article, they vehemently deny.

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