The Vegas effect

I had an interesting moment during my recent trip to Las Vegas. While wandering in total sensory overload along the Strip last Friday, killing time before my 11 p.m. flight, I stopped for a bit on one of the pedestrian bridges that keep the tourists from getting killed trying to cross the Strip. As I stood there, watching all the blinking and flashing lights, I raised my eyes to the horizon and saw the sun setting over the mountains in a splash of otherworldly color. I looked behind me and saw the full moon rising above the casinos. It was pure magic. It reminded me of just how incredible this land of ours is, and how nothing we do can really top Mother Earth's productions. Here's a happy belated Mother's Day to our planet.

P.S. Though I have to say I was blown away by the water show in front of the Bellagio. I sat there, awestruck, and watched the dancing fountains I don't know how many times during my brief stay. The conference I was participating in was so intense, and immersing myself in the fountain experience helped me to clear my mind and gain some perspective on all the information that had been crammed into my brain.

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