Vampires and blood banks: Only in NOLA

You have to love New Orleans -- where else would you expect to find a confluence of blood transfusion and cellular therapy professionals and vampire enthusiasts, just in time for Halloween? According to a press release, that's what's happening right as the 2009 American Association of Blood Banks Annual Meeting TXPO arrives in town at the same time as the 2009 Vampire Film Festival. Though it doesn't sound like the two groups will be hanging out together much, you have to like this quote:

"'This weekend New Orleans wants your blood!” said Vampire Film Festival director Asif Ahmed, 'We are thrilled to be in America’s most gothic city here along with AABB. Our vampire filmmakers are arriving from around the world and are already intrigued with the many charms and haunts of this city. Remember once you invite a vampire in, it’s hard to get us to leave!'”

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