UNLV looking to build a "living laboratory" for meetings

This has to be the coolest thing I've heard in a long time: University of Las Vegas to build INNovation Village. From the Las Vegas Sun:

    UNLV's Harrah College of Hotel Administration is pursuing partnerships with private companies to build a $200 million-plus mini-campus that would include a hotel and conference center, giving hotel operators a "living laboratory" to test new technology...

    Every innovation that may possibly apply to or benefit the hospitality industry could be tested in the village's inn, conference center and restaurant, particularly new technology that controls everything from security to the environment to the key card door locks.

    The village would encourage cross-disciplinary involvement from all of UNLV's academic programs in testing the products, Mann said, including science, engineering and fine arts. INNovation Village would pursue a partnership between UNLV and Desert Research Institute, which is across the street from the site, to pursue new energy-efficient methods of heating, cooling or lighting a hotel, [college Dean Stuart Mann] said.

I can just see UNLV hospitality professor and frequent MIMlist poster Patti Shock doing a dance of joy! Congratulations to UNLV for having one of the best ideas in recent history, and good luck getting partners who will help you make it happen.

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