The ultimate travel guide

John DiScala—aka, JohhnyJet, creator of what I believe has to be the most comprehensive travel Web site I’ve ever seen, made me cry when I read the preface to the book he co-authored with Eric Leebow, You Are Here Traveling with JohnnyJet.com (available at amazon.com). He talks about traveling with his mother to Europe as she battled cancer, and how they revisited that trip on an awful night in the hospital, and…I have to stop before I get weepy again.

Anyway, the book, written as a companion guide to the Web site, is crammed with pretty much every travel-related Web site you can imagine: where to go to get the best airfare and lodging of all types; ground transport; all kinds of boats and cruises; outdoor adventures, sports; health and safety—even links to sites that’ll help relieve those boring times with nothing to do in a hotel room. There are literally thousands of sites connecting through this portal. The book includes both short descriptions of some sites, and shortcuts to find other sites through johhnyjet.com.

While both the book and the site are aimed more toward the leisure traveler than those who plan meetings, it is way beyond comprehensive and has lots of interesting links for everyone. I have no idea how they pulled it all together, but I’m glad they did it so we don’t have to.

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