Ugly hotel lobby holiday decorations

I generally am pretty little-kid about holiday decorations—it doesn't take much to make me go "ooh." But hotel lobbies do tend to overdo it at times. Or so Hotel Chatter thinks. Here's their pick of the five ugliest types of hotel lobby Christmas decorations. I am in agreement on this one, though I'm not sure it counts as decoration per se:

"We love walking into a room and being greeted by the sweet scents of the season — warm apple cider, gingerbread, cinnamon, cookies. Do you know what we hate? When there are no mugs of cider or any gingerbread or cinnamony cookies around. Please don't so that to us. If you've got the aroma, deliver the goods."

What's kind of surprising in this day and age is that hotels decorate their lobbies for the holidays at all, though they do seem to make it more of a wintertime theme than anything that smacks of religion.

Thanks to Patti Shock for the pointer!

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