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Two strikes and you're out

Attention association planners: According to an article in Operations and Fulfillment magazine, you only get two chances to make a good impression—or rather, make two bad ones and your attendees might be out of there.

The article talks about a newly released customer service survey commissioned by billing and CRM product/service provider Amdocs. Among the key findings, says the article:

- More than 75% of consumers would hang up on a call to customer service if placed on hold for longer than five minutes.

- More than 80% of consumers polled would rather visit the dentist, pay their taxes, or sit in a traffic jam than deal with an unhelpful representative.

- 75% say they will tell friends and family about negative customer service experiences.

- 85% of consumers report that negative customer service experiences will drive them to switch providers.

- Consumers believe that a loss of business is the biggest motivator for companies to improve their customer service."

So the next time an attendee whines to you about the room temperature, or the food, or that their bed is too hard, grin and bear it—-or follow the advice in this article from ICP magazine.

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