Two event Web site hints that should be no-brainers

I just got an invitation to attend a virtual trade show. Great! But nowhere in the e-mail did it mention what the topic of the e-con might be. So I went to the Web site, and again the home page didn't mention it, nor did the Info page. I could infer somewhat from the speakers page, but it wasn't terribly clear from that, either, since it isn't a field I know a whole lot about. I had to go to the press page, then click through to an article, to learn who the intended audience was.

Don't do this.

Also, I have gone to register for a conference and book my hotel, only to be completely stumped when it came to finding a link to official hotel registration. Not only was there no obvious link to housing from the conference reg form (which I don't know why everyone doesn't do by now?), but there was no link I could see anywhere on the site. There was just a list of hotels, rates, and direct links to the hotel Web sites, so I assumed you were supposed to book directly. But when I called the hotel, they told me there was in fact a housing vendor the organization was using that I needed to go through, and told me who it was and how to reach them. I went back to the hotel page on the organization's site, and by virtue of diligently clicking every conceivable item on the page managed to discover that the "Book Your Hotel" heading was actually a link to the official hotel registration site and not just what it looked like: a heading. Boy did I feel stupid.

Don't do this either.

I shouldn't have to say this, but evidently I do: Make it easy for people to find out who you are, what you're offering, how to register, and how to stay in your block. Someone would really have to want to go to spend the amount of time I did on these two seemingly no-brainer tasks. Don't assume everyone will get it, because they likely won't.

TAGS: Event Tech
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