TV is turning us into isolated zombies

OK, well, she doesn't exactly say that, but the anonymous association exec who writes View from a Corner Office does explore a recent Bob Putnam presentation at the Association Forum annual meeting about connections and community, and how we're "mesmerizing ourselves into isolation." And yes, TV is one of the named culprits (I have to agree with that one--not a big tube-head myself). It's a fascinating look at a fascinating topic, and a must-read for anyone involved in the association world. But my favorite takeaway was this:

    astonishingly, (at least if you are not the organizer) going to meetings lowers your stress levels.

I remember a horse I used to ride who was just nasty. Then they moved him to a different barn, with more horses in it, and he underwent a complete personality change just by having compatible neighbors around. Like horses, we are social creatures--we need regular interaction of the face-to-face kind. As for me, this post made me realize once again that I really do need to get out more. Wish I were going to ASAE!

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