Turn your marketing message into a dialogue

That’s the message of this article from Catalog Age, and I think it’s great advice for those who are in charge of marketing a meeting, or anything else, for that matter.

An example from the article: "The NFL, for instance, establishes a monologue with consumers who opt in to receive a weekly e-newsletter: It asks them which team they follow and subsequently sends them a newsletter that focuses on the team (and sells merchandise specific to the team). In contrast, Major League Baseball conducts a monologue by sending only one generic e-newsletter that covers all the teams."

How can you translate that into your meeting marketing efforts? How about asking potential attendees what they’re most interested in learning more about, then sending them links to information, interesting bits about the person who’ll be presenting on that topic at the meeting, and books about it they can buy from your organization’s bookstore? The possibilities seem endless.

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