Tuesday was "Code Day" in UK

Tuesday, April 25, was "Code Day" in the UK, where 8,000 pharma reps set out to detail docs and others on their industry's code of ethics. From MedicalNewsToday:

    On CODE Day, pharmaceutical sales representatives and other industry employees who contact health professionals, patient organisations, professional bodies, the media, members of the general public and MPs dedicated time to discussing the 2006 edition of the ABPI Code of Practice. This combined effort aims to draw attention to how tightly regulated the industry is, how it operates to the highest ethical standards, and the rigid sanctions on companies that breach the code. All stakeholders will also be informed about how to make a complaint.

    All aspects of the promotion of medicines - advertisements, representatives' activities, meetings and hospitality, as well as non-promotional activities, such as co-operation with patient groups, the provision of education, and information to the public - are self-regulated through the pharmaceutical industry's code. Yet research has shown that 48 per cent of doctors interviewed were unaware of the code, while 86 per cent had no knowledge of how to make a complaint, and 57 per cent would like to have more information about it.

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