Tsunamis in the Caribbean?

Great. Just as we work on finalizing details for a sailing vacation in the British Virgin Islands next month, I read this article about the potential for tsunamis in the region. If you have Caribbean-bound groups, be sure to ask your hotel what its evacuation process would be, just in case, in addition to its hurricane procedures. From the article:

    A Caribbean Tsunami Warning System is taking shape, thanks to a Unesco directive issued in June 2005 that called for the development of such a plan.

    The first meeting was held in Barbados last January when four working groups were established to assess and research tsunami risks, develop monitoring and detection systems and create a network of seismic centers in the Caribbean to dispense warning information within two minutes of an earthquake.

    Already, five deep-water ocean buoys have been sunk in critical areas in the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean to help in the quick detection of earthquakes.

But there's still a long way to go before many of the Caribbean nations are as prepared for a killer wave as Hawaii is. I know, the chances are pretty remote. But that's what they thought in Phuket, too.

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