Tsunami victims could use some help

I haven't been writing about the tsunamis' horrifying impact on many countries in Asia because, well, it hurts my heart too much and makes me realize again how helpless we are in the face of a natural disaster of such proportions. (For links to info on relief efforts and status reports from the various affected areas, click here.)

I would like to pass along this request from M. Madharudeen in Kampala, Uganda, who in addition to the below is also currently negotiating with few international airlines for logistical support to transport the donated medicines to Colombo International Airport in Sri lanka.

    As you may be well aware that Sri Lanka is been badly hit with the highest number of casualties coming from the region. Over 18,700 people confirmed dead and the number is expected to rise well over 25,000. Millions of people are displaced and are very worried about the secondary infections that might be triggered due to polluted water and environment.

    The President has declared a state of emergency and has requested international help.

    I kindly request that anyone who is interested in contibuting related medicines and/or water-purifying tablets towards this worthy cause contact me. I will help them to link with the necessary authorities to speed up the process. Drugs should have at least 6-10 months of shelf life. It is also an ideal time to donate drugs instead of paying destruction cost when expired.

    I have also requested from the Sri Lankan pharma friends to find out exactly what they need.

Contact: M. Madharudeen, Kampala, Uganda, [email protected], Tel : 00256 77 951775, if you can help.

Update from M. Madharudeen"The Sri Lankan Airline (formerly known as Air Lanka) has agreed to airlift goods from their UK offices to Sri lanka. A big salute for their contribution. If one can channel the goods to UK offices it would be easier for the moment to facilitate this objective.

"At the same time a fellow lankan who has come up to sort it out at ground level through the Canadian Relief Foundation in Canada which is deeply engaged in Sri Lanka, Eastern Provice, Trincomalee District.

"Currently I have a donor willing to donate bedding (sheets), towels, clothing, toothbrushes, OTC drugs like aspirin and disenfectants, etc., from the Philladelphia, United States.

"Thanks to all of you, we shall work on this to see many lives are saved and rehabilitated."

Sue again: Please e-mail me if you'd like a list of the drugs and equipment that are most needed.

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