Travelocity looking to improve customer service--should you be, too?

Gary Potter over at A Sabre Geek has an interesting post today about how Travelocity is looking into using the latest tracking tools to improve its customer service. While I'm not sure exactly what he and the Travelocity rep talked about specifically, there are lots of services you can subscribe to to monitor mentions of your products or organization--or even your meeting. One of my favorites is Technorati, which will monitor any keyword or URL you give it and let you know what's out there on the Web about it, updated almost in real time.

Gary says he uses it for customer service issues--he tracks mentions of Sabre (the company he works for) and travelocity, and if he finds a customer having problems, he can jump in and help. Now that's customer service. Might be something to think about, eh? After all, Travelocity is, as are many other companies and organizations.

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