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(Travel) trivial pursuit

There's a new book out called Travia: The Ultimate Book of Travel Trivia, that sounds pretty fun. Did you know that the word “travel” can be traced back to

    a Latin root for torture or torment. In Old French it gave rise to “travaillier,” meaning to become tired or worn out.

    By the 14th century, “travaillier” had given rise to the English cousins, travel and travail. Ouch.

Or that Cary Grant, in an attempt to woo a female companion, started the tradition of hotels leaving chocolates on the pillow?

    The film star created a trail of chocolates from the parlor of his suite into the bedroom, culminating with a note on the pillow.

    According to Travia, “The story, told by the housekeeper, inspired the manager to place chocolates and good-night wishes on guest pillows.”

All this, and so, so much more, or so it sounds in this writeup.

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