Travel tips from Wired

The latest issue of Wired had a great travel section. It includes things like a fabulous time versus money column along with the marginal utility curve (tracks bang for the buck of things from a ride on the Staten Island Ferry to zero-gravity flight); how to plan your trip like an engineer; and a handy chart that plots out where each airline stands with things like baggage fees, typical economy seat pitch, and flight delays. I also like their travel app suggestions (Google translate, yes!), and their advice on how to site, eat, and sleep well on the road. Just a great roundup of travel tips and tidbits.

And speaking of tips, the New York Times took on one of my biggest travel woes: The inability to sleep on an airplane. While it doesn't really come up with any solutions (for me, anyway), I did learn a few things. If you can sleep on a plane—without drugs or copious quantities of liquor—I'd love to know your secret!

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