Travel goodness from BoingBoing

BoingBoing has posted some great reads around travel issues this week. Here are a few of my favorites:

Airport biometric station screens people for "hostile intent", about a system that measures blood pressure and other body functions to see if they might be terrorists. Key snip:

    According to the TSA, two million people fly everyday. That's 730 million people a year. Let's assume that 10 of them are terrorists. With a 4% false-positive rate and a 10% false-negative rate, that means 29 million innocent travelers are going to be detained as suspects, and one out of the 10 terrorists will still make it through security to conduct his or her dirty work. Is it worth it, or would the money be better spent preventing terrorism through intelligence work?

Make a scarf-book to read on UK outbound flights, about how, now that books are banned from outgoing UK flights, you can print out a book on a piece of clothing. Really.

TSA wins war on lipstick. OK, nothing too great about that post, but I loved the headline!

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