Training by truck?

The Boston ASBPE Blog just posted an interesting idea: Training by truck. From the post:

    Folio: magazine editor Tony Silber pitched an interesting approach to training at ASBPE's national conference: A mobile training tour.

    The plan involves renting a tractor-trailer and using it as a mini-conference facility. The truck would travel around the country to different publishing companies, which would contract with Folio: for training. The entourage would set up shop in the company's parking lot and editors could come down for a morning or afternoon of training — without taking much time away from the office.

    The idea hasn't become reality yet, and it won't happen this year, but it is a pet project that Silber would like to see come to fruition.

I love this idea, but am not sure how to make it economically feasible. If you're doing anything like this, I'd love to know how it works.

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