Trade show challenge

Yesterday, I asked a question: If you could reinvent trade shows, what would they look like?

Today, TSMI's Rich Westerfield posted some great ideas about what could (and in some cases, is) being done to reinvent the expo. As he says, " think you'll find that for many of the ideas you come up with, there's really no reason to wait."

So why are so many shows (including pretty much all the ones I've been to in the past year) still waiting? In this era of experiential marketing, we all need to think of new ways to fix old problems if we want trade shows to keep their status as a top marketing tool.

And why are Rich and I the only ones talking about this? Let's hear your thoughts--seen anything innovative or interesting being done lately?

Here are links to articles that have some more good ideas:

Inside TS2

Mission Critical: Delivering Exhibitor ROI

Listen to Your Exhibitors

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