Towel origami, anyone?

Towel origami, anyone?

I must not go to the right hotels: I've missed the whole towel origami craze that seems to be sweeping the hospitality world (especially, it seems, for popular honeymoon hotels. Or maybe it's just honeymooners who take pictures of these creations). But it is pretty interesting, eh? I might just buy the book.

And if folding towels into animal shapes and putting sunglasses on them isn't amusement enough when away from home, there's always 50 Things to Do in a Hotel Room That Won't Get You Arrested, another book that, according to the description on Amazon.com, "brings together the collective experience of conference connoisseurs and hotel veterans to create 50 blameless and absorbing ways to pass the time, using nothing but the items naturally found in any hotel room."

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