Off topic: What do you need?

I read about a cute Internet meme running around where you Google your first name with the word "needs" behind it, and see what comes up. No one tagged me on this, but it sounded like fun so I did it anyway. It appears that I need:

"to understand that she needs to be building up her language production "muscles" by working out with them every day in school and at home." (OK, I can do that.)

I like these:

"Sue needs you!" and "Sue needs to be rocked!" (don't we all?) It appears that I also need "to be guided down the path that grabs all the sweet candy" and "to be heard and understood." And along the way I found out that there's a band named Sue that needs to go to Dallas or Fort Worth.

Though I have to say that this is my favorite: "Sue needs to back to school to learn the basics of What Not to Wear"--I hate to admit just how apropos that is!

Go on and waste a few minutes and find out what you need. It's pretty entertaining.

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