Off topic: Tomatoes!

Off topic: Tomatoes!

One of my favorite physician bloggers, Dr. Charles, is running his second annual tomato contest and of course, being a tomato farmer myself, I had to join in the fun. Who could pass up the chance to have her very own tomato win in categories including

* Largest Tomato

* Most Sensuous

* Most Disgusting


* Tomato Most likely to raise public awareness of global warming AND THEN defuse the global threat of terrorism

Here's our tomato patch (along with the potatoes, Swiss chard, zucchini, green beans, cukes, brussel sprouts and basil, with a backdrop of day lilies). The past few years we've been growing a lot of heirloom varieties of tomatoes—yum, and very strange looking, which gives us a shot at the Most Disgusting title.

Any other farmers out there?

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