Off topic, but oh did this make me feel old

When reading a review of the U2 concert held in Boston Tuesday night in The Boston Globe, I started waxing nostalgic over the first time I saw the band back in the early '80s at Trinity College's spring fling. At the time, I was more interested in our ultimate frisbee game than the guy running up and down the stage and scaffolding--little did I know what U2 would turn into. But what really made me feel old was this bit:

In an evening full of highlights, a standout moment came with the timeless ballad "One," during which thousands in the audience illuminated their cellphones; soon, the arena resembled the starriest of nights.

Cellphones? That just sounded so surreal to me--whatever happened to holding up a lighter until your fingers start burning? I guess using cellphones reduces the fire hazard, but it just isn't the same...

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