Off topic but funny: The calorie quiz

This tongue-in-cheek calorie quiz from the Boston Globe cracked me up completely. Plus, I think I aced it, which is probably not a good thing. Here's a taste:

2. You've just flown from London to New York. Your flight left at 9:30 a.m. and arrived at noon local time. You ate lunch and an ample snack on the trip. When you arrive in New York, you eat lunch again, and dinner that evening. What happens to those extra lunch calories?

a) They disappear over the Atlantic, absorbed by passing time zones.

b) They're a duty-free bonus in recognition of a long day during which you burned extra calories, even though you were sitting the whole time.

c) This is why it's not a good idea to travel internationally. Better you should have gone to the Cape.

I have always believed a) to be the truth, but b) probably applies, too. So you should probably double up on the food while flying to keep from wasting away to nothing before you land, right?

If this quiz doesn't make you laugh, try tickling some apes.

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