Off topic: Following the election

Well, how off-topic can politics really be, when of course everything from our choice of a new president to local politicians and policy questions on the ballot can't help but have an effect on the meetings and hospitality industry? Anyway, I started collecting a few good resources related to today's elections for those who, like me, will be finding it hard to get any real work done as we watch history being made (whoever wins).

If you are not sure where your polling site is, try this Google Maps mashup for 2008 voter information. And to find out what the lines are like in any particular location (or other polling-spot info), check out the Twitter Vote Report.

But before you vote, check out Google's election 2008 site, which offers videos, audio clips, and all kinds of information about the various presidential hopefuls.

For feeds of the latest election news around the country, the best source I've found so far is Politics.Alltop.com. For what the world is saying, check out If the World Could Vote (thanks to Jim Spellos for this one, as well as the Twitter Voter Report link above.)

And for watching the results roll in, I have Google's Election 2008 Gallery bookmarked. There I can follow county-by-county results in my state (or any other), and House and Senate race results, as well as presidential results.

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