Off topic: Do something for 37 days

Patti Digh issued a challenge that I just make take on: focus on something for just 37days. Just pick something to do (or to stop doing), and make a commitment to do it (or stop doing it) for a little over a month. From her blog:

    What one thing could you do that would start you on the road, that magical road to wholeness and hope and freedom? Can you do it for just 37days?

    Perhaps cleaning out one drawer every day in your house for 37days. Perhaps writing one Haiku every day for 37days. Or eating 5 fruits and vegetables a day for 37days, or writing for 10 minutes each day for 37days, or purging your basement for 15 minutes a day for 37days, or walking for 10 minutes a day for 37days, or doing push-ups every day for 37days, or reading for 10 minutes a day for 37days. Whatever it is, do it. Just for 37days.

I have to think about what it is I'll do (I can guarantee it won't be pushups!), but as soon as I settle on something, I'm going to do it. For 37 days. Care to join me?

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