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Matteo I am so proud of my nephew, Matteo Segnalini! His age-16-and-under volleyball team won first place for the Rome province (my sister and her family live in Rome, Italy, and fortunately were able to get around during last week's Papal ceremonies and crowds). Now his team goes onto the regionals, then to the nationals if they win there. The picture (click to enlarge--he's very handsome in addition to being a great volleyball player) is of Matteo receiving the Most Valuable Player award. He told my Dad that he was polishing the tray regularly!!! Segnalini_in_battuta_u18_1

His older brother Andrea also is a fantastic volleyball player and is playing on a semi-pro team (and is equally handsome to boot). They both take after their dad, who played pro volleyball for years. (Photo at left is Andrea in action.)

I'll get back to the business stuff now, but just had to crow for a minute.

Update: Just found out that Andrea's team won in the second phase of the national championships for "under-age-18" teams and that Andrea was the high scorer with 15 points. I am doubly proud!

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