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That's the title of this (I think) totally hilarious editorial in the Library Journal, sent to me by my Capsules co-blogger Anne Taylor-Vaisey. Obviously not a fan of blogs or bloggers--he thinks the word itself sounds like "something you would find stuck in a drain," the librarian-writer, Michael Gorman, would make an excellent blogger himself. A snip:

For the record, though I may have associated with Antidigitalists, I am not and have never been a member of the Antidigitalist party and would be willing to testify to that under oath. I doubt even that would save me from being burned at the virtual stake, or, at best, being placed in a virtual pillory to be pelted with blogs. Ugh!

I'd love to hear more from this guy--beware the wrath of the wronged librarian. OK, back to our regularly scheduled program...

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