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Top Hotels for Tweeters (and Other Social Networking Mavens)

Top Hotels for Tweeters (and Other Social Networking Mavens)

Associations are in the vanguard when it comes to incorporating social media into their meetings—but are the hotels they choose up for the challenge of today’s wired attendees? Check out these top hotels for social media lovers, compiled by Hotel_Online. For example, did you know you could check in with a tweet at U.S. and Canadian Loews Hotels and Resorts? Farther afield but oh-so-cool too is the 1888 Hotel, Sydney, Australia, which features “lobby screens displaying guest Instagram images of the hotel, a dedicated spot for snapping selfies, and Insta-Walk maps directing visitors to picture-worthy nearby sites. Guests who take a great Instagram shot can win a free night at the hotel.”

How networked do you want your meeting hotel to be? Personally, I think it adds a bit more personality to your event, especially if the hotel will work with you to incorporate posts and tweets specific to what you’re doing in your session rooms!

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